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I'm happy

2012-07-01 11:17:27 by dud29

Dont know why lol


2012-04-09 17:38:44 by dud29


Do this it'll make your day.

2012-03-16 09:14:22 by dud29

When you see a cripple, a specal needs, or amputee Give them a smile.
That way they know someone out there loves them and were all the same on the inside.

Let me know what you think =)

It's been a while but i'm still spriting

I'm a happy dude guess why?

2011-10-15 11:06:27 by dud29


I arz SOOOOOHHH happeh

2011-08-20 14:08:43 by dud29

!!!!!!! HIS NAME IS MONTIE CARLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also i like BACON?

I arz SOOOOOHHH happeh

know what?

2011-08-12 10:53:50 by dud29

I could never leave newgrounds! This is honestly the best site ever!

Btw the face is my new mark!

know what?

I'm not on much anymore so...............Well I just came by to say good bye Newgrounds and all that...I'll pop in time to time but i bid you farewell........................

I'm a firin meh lazah an all that Crud

You know omega? My fan dude?

2011-06-14 18:00:04 by dud29

Well tell him goodbye! Meet his successor! His name is

You know omega? My fan dude?

Finds nuke WHAT THE FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARHHHHHHHHHH ( random evil laughing in background )
..........................ow my ballz

well enjoy some more sprites

do do dedo quading in the bush do do de do